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Who will be the next Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Tony Romo? Don’t you want to know! However, here are three options that could take their game – and your fantasy team to the next level!

Kyle Orton Chicago Bears:

Rex Grossman may have another year with the Bears, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be starting all that time! Grossman was inconsistent, to say the least, and could have used his last chance. Orton is just a backup, but given the chance to shine, he could become a major Chicago player. They have a solid receiving core that has been strengthened this season and Orton could take over the reigns sooner rather than later if Grossman starts things off.

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers:

Rodgers watched patiently from the sidelines for the past few years waiting for this day. Favre has finally retired and is about to hand the torch to Mr Rodgers. He certainly won’t be Brett’s second coming, but he has the skills and receiver to give your team a big sum. Watch for Rodgers to excel as the Packer’s head honcho. Green Bay will soon be Mr. Rodgers!

Alex Smith San Francisco 49ers:

Last year was supposed to be Smith’s year! However, that was clearly not the case. This year, he’s a year older and has pass-friendly offensive coordinator Mike Martz calling the drama. Look for this to be Smith’s season. The 49ers are looking to step up and in QB friendly town – they hope Smith finally leads the attack back into the playoffs! He could be the one to do the same for your fantasy team!