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Sites for Football Betting

We have ranked the top real money betting sites on football for 2023, so you can bet online with complete confidence. These football betting sites are listed below.

We want people to feel confident that they are directing them in the right direction regarding online football betting. We extensively research and test to determine the best online football betting sites.

We take many factors into account when compiling our rankings. We will explain these more down below. These top betting sites are highly rated, and you’ll see why.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite football betting sites. What makes them so unique?

Best Football Betting Sites in 2023

  • BetUS is a safe betting site that offers special football bonuses.
  • My Bookie- A solid reputation and competitive football lines
  • Bovada is an online sportsbook that offers excellent football betting opportunities.
  • Bet Online is a strong choice for football betting.
  • Sports Betting is the best football betting site with fast payouts.

American football is top-rated around the globe. Although it is still trendy in the USA, it is the country’s most-watched spectator sport and attracts the most significant betting interest.

With this in mind and the complexity of gambling laws in the region, we think it is sensible to focus on online betting for football from the US.

Online sports betting is not legal in the United States. There needs to be more clarity. The fact that each state has been allowed to regulate sports betting since PASPA was repealed in 2018 adds to the confusion. Although we aren’t legal experts, it’s clear that there is no law prohibiting Americans from betting on football online.

Americans should only use sites they trust. Some areas need to be more trustworthy. These are the top US football betting sites and can all be trusted.

This page will discuss some of the reasons why you should use online betting sites for football and the available wagering options. You can also get expert tips to help you win in your football gambling endeavors.

The Best Real Money Football Betting Sites

We must remember that everyone has different needs and preferences when ranking betting sites for real money. One person’s “best” site may not be the best for another.

When evaluating websites, we take into account many factors. We recommend sites that provide the best service in all areas and are most effective in each one. We value one thing above all others. Places must be safe and trustworthy. It must be licensed in the jurisdiction where it is located and legally operated. It must also pay all real money winnings.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The top online betting sites make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds. All the recommended sites offer convenient deposit options, so it’s easy to fund your account.

As withdrawals, they are quick and easy. This is especially true if you use Bitcoin to fund the account. Transactions can be made quickly at the top football betting sites because there is no intermediary.

Customer Service

When your hard-earned cash is deposited to an online betting site, you want to feel comfortable speaking to someone. This dynamic is what the top football betting sites understand and provide outstanding service at every level.

Telephone agents are highly skilled and engaged and can resolve most issues on the spot. Many customer service centers are available 24 hours a day, so you can always get help whenever needed. You can also contact customer service via email or chat.

Mobile Adaptability, Intuitive Navigation, and Stability

Online betting on football can be very time-sensitive. You want to initiate transactions quickly and without obstacles when depositing your money. While things do happen, it is normal. However, a quality online actual money sportsbooks must keep downtime to a minimum.

Websites with eye-catching graphics are commonplace. However, you don’t visit them to view the highlights of a web designer’s portfolio. For the sports bettor, ease of navigation is critical. Our preferred sites are certainly no-nonsense in this regard.

  • There are many options for betting on football.
  • New customers receive welcome bonuses and continue to be eligible for rewards and promotions.
  • Lines and odds are competitive for betting on football
  • Live betting platform to place in-play bets during football games

Online Football Betting Sites: Why?

Some parts of the United States have brick-and-mortar betting parlors for sports, which are just as common in Europe as convenience stores. Why would you place football bets online if you can access a physical sportsbook?

All the fun, none of the hassle

You don’t have to deal with unpleasant situations when you use online sports betting.

There is no parking or traffic, so you don’t need to rush to the window before kickoff. You can either sit back with your friends and enjoy the action at your favorite drinking hole or relax at home and take in all the fun from your comfortable chair.

There are no long lines or snarling clerks, and you don’t have to return to the sportsbook to claim your winnings.

Bonuses and promotions

Apart from the convenience of betting on football online, there are other benefits that could directly impact your chances of winning.

You will only be given money if you first visit a traditional sportsbook. Online betting is an entirely different proposition.

New customers can receive a sign-up bonus from our top-ranked betting sites. This will vary depending on how much you deposit. There are also ongoing promotions that can boost your bankroll.

Nothing is stopping you from opening accounts at multiple betting sites. Multiple online gambling accounts can give you numerous welcome bonuses and can also be tracked for ongoing promotions. You can also get handicapping benefits by having multiple accounts on different football betting sites.

Shopping for the Best Odds and Lines

The money flows and the odds of a site seeing a change in ebb or flow will affect how the odds are adjusted. Therefore, the odds of winning a game may vary from one place to the next.

Before you place your bet, you can check out all of the online sportsbooks before you choose the one with the best odds.

NFL and College Football Betting

The best betting sites for football emphasize the NCAA college football and the National Football League. No matter what flavor you like, the trusted sites we recommend will surpass your expectations.

We have created separate rankings to determine the best betting sites on the NFL as well as the best betting sites on college football.

Online Football Betting Tips

People who are passionate about football don’t like losing and are competitive. Money is an essential part of the equation. However, bragging rights can also be a form of currency. You will have the best chance of success if you create a strategy and stick with it.

If you are serious about making consistent profits, you should read our complete soccer betting strategy guide. But here are three quick tips that will help you.

Handicapping is a great hobby.

You are likely to find yourself searching for something to entertain you a few times per day if you’re like most people. You will never lose your passion for online gambling because there is always more to do.

Once a week is over, it’s time for you to get back to work and prepare for the next one. There are many matchups available for college and pro football betting. You can also find detailed statistical information on several websites. You can find detailed stats about NFL players on the competition’s official website.

Do good bankroll management.

If you see it correctly, handicapping can be fun. All sports fans find it straightforward to form opinions. Bankroll management can be a tricky part for many, but it is equally important.

Professional gamblers will keep a fixed amount separate from their finances. This is similar to how an independent restaurant owner might view money at the cash register rather than the wad he carries.

Based on your bankroll, you should establish a comfortable staking strategy. For beginners, experts recommend a minimum of 3%. Avoid wild fluctuations, and you will be on the winning side (or even break even) if there are more winners than losers during a season.

Receive that Bonus Cash

We emphasize the importance of the welcome bonuses you can get at top-ranked betting sites on football. Once you have signed up for a place and received your first cash infusion, you might feel more at ease and forget all the other options.

It’s understandable. However, you want money to be well-spent. Grab the bonuses that are waiting for you, and use them! It would be best if you continued to visit each site regularly to take advantage of promotions and find referral rewards.

These online sportsbooks are known for offering generous bonuses and promotions to their players. If you are interested in free money, check them out.