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Baseball picks are a big money maker for clients of maddux sports. Baseball betting, although most people find it boring can be very profitable if you have the right information in front of you. Once April hits and March Madness is over, it is time for members to get into full swing with our MLB baseball picks program. Clients who have had a successful season betting our football and basketball picks like to jump on board for our baseball package and continue profiting over the entire summer with our premium baseball picks and free baseball picks.

As it is known Maddux Sports dominates in football and basketball but each season bankroll is made on the base paths betting our baseball picks. The season is so long and offers many opportunities to make money baseball betting. is well known around the sports betting industry as one of the best baseball handicappers on the Internet, and this season we have added a couple more resources to make sure we keep up that reputation this year. Be sure to get signed up for the 2019 baseball picks package below to build your bankroll for football season, or to keep putting cash in your pocket while baseball betting.

Over the Last 4 Years Full Season Baseball Clients Average Profit
$10 per unit bettors have made $3,130 per season
$50 per unit bettors have made $15,650 per season
$100 per unit bettors have made $31,300 per season

Click here for more of an in depth breakdown as to what these numbers mean.

We like to use the last 4 years as a way to predict future success as we feel that is an adequate sample size to determine if a handicapper will win moving forward. Of course all these numbers include juice but we have to mention that because it is amazing how often that question is asked through our contact form. This is because some of our scammer competitors like to post records that don't include juice to try and entice the public to sign up with their losing mlb baseball selections.

All early picks are sent the night before for full season members. For daily signups we email all picks within 10 minutes of purchase to your email address and every package is guaranteed to make you money or equal time is credited free of charge. The full season gives you all baseball picks including the playoffs. There are no extra games to pay for all game of months, and game of year is included.



For baseball we rate our picks 10 or 20 units. 98% of the baseball picks we release to clients are rated 10 unit plays, with the occasional 20 unit pick every once in a while. Over the last 4 years we have averaged about 348 units of profit earned per season, which would break down to 34.8 units of profit based on a 1 unit scale. Compare those numbers on the 1 unit scale to other baseball handicappers and I guarantee you will find very few if any better than us.

Using those numbers from above a $10 unit bettor averages about a $100 bet per game, a $50 unit bettor averages about a $500 bet per game, and a $100 unit bettor averages about a $1000 bet per game. Once again these are profits earned PER season, not overall and the numbers include juice.

We average about 3 picks per day depending on how many games are scheduled and how much value we find on the board. Some days there will only be 1 pick, while others there could be as many as 5 picks. It all depends on how good of a job the bookmakers do at posting an accurate line for the day. Contrary to public belief most of the games the books put out are priced correctly on both sides, meaning a wager regardless if it wins or loses in that situation is a losing proposition long term to ones bankroll. We play both sides and totals with a little more of an emphasis on totals since in our expert opinion totals are easier to beat long term. When we do play sides for the most part we don't lay more than -150 on favorites and tend to stick to the underdogs at +150 or less.

In closing this entire page can pretty much be summed up in a few sentences. The bottom line is if you are going to bet baseball this year, and have realistic expectations, will judge results at seasons end, and want an honest service with a good reputation in the industry who actually wins for their clients as well as bets everything they give out, give us a shot and signup for the season. If those are things you are not looking for in a handicapper or traits you display in yourself you will more than likely not enjoy a profitable season and we wish you the best of luck in your gambling endeavor.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us.

Baseball Betting Information

By using the links below you can view all the baseball betting information maddux sports has to offer to you the baseball bettor. Because baseball is the only sport going on in the summer months it is a good idea to lean about MLB betting to help build your bankroll for football season.

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