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Coming into the 2023-24 season we are the #1 ranked basketball handicapper in profit earned over the last 5 years at the sports monitor! NBA picks are another service we offer at Maddux Sports. As a lot of you may already know Maddux Sports dominates in College sports but we are also very good in the pro game. 2021-22 season was another banner year with profits north of $25,000. We followed up our 15-16 banner year where NBA profits were almost $30,000 alone just in the NBA for $100 players. Going back further in the 2012-13 pro basketball season, Maddux Sports won the NBA Ultimate Handicapping challenge as well as the college basketball portion beating out all other online basketball handicappers making us the number 1 service 3 years running!

In the past 4 years of that NBA handicapping contest we earned 54,070 units, meaning if you were to bet $100 per unit on our NBA basketball picks you would have netted $54,070!

Last season we crushed all other handicapping services that had the guts to have their picks independently monitored as we finished #1 overall in profit earned for NBA and College Basketball picks combined.

2017 Accolades from the Sports Monitor

#1 CBB Net Rank Wins
#1 CBB Net Profit Overall
#1 CBB Net Profit on Sides

#1 NBA Net Profit Overall
#1 NBA Net Profit on Sides
#2 NBA Net Profit on Totals
#3 NBA Net Rank Wins

And Most Importantly..

#1 NBA/CBB Combined Net Rank Wins, #1 Net Profit, #1 Net Profit on Sides!

We also won the 2012-13 NBA Ultimate Handicapping Challenge (documented 75% winners in that contest) beating out all other online handicapping services for the 3rd year in a row! To be clear there was no one that had a better basketball season than Maddux Sports and if they tell you they did they are flat out lying!!!

With the NBA season being one of the longest seasons and having a ton games it is easy to see why we continue to make money with our nba picks for all people who bet on basketball. Below you can check our results from our College & NBA basketball picks season package. These figures are the average dollar amount earned per unit over the last 4 years. Even though last year was a great season, it is still important to see that results should be judged over the long term as the larger the sample size, the more conclusive a handicappers results are.

Over the Last 4 Years Full Season NBA & College Basketball Clients Average Profit
$10 per unit bettors have made $4,910 per season
$50 per unit bettors have made $24,550 per season
$100 per unit bettors have made $49,100 per season

Click here for more of an in depth breakdown as to what these numbers mean.

This full season package includes all of our nba picks AND our winning College basketball picks. What you can expect is carefully researched picks from some of the most successful and respected sports bettors that actually make their living betting the games. At seasons end we guarantee that a substantial profit will be turned with our hoops picks against the point spread.

This table below is taken right from our purchase page but to make things easier for you the visitor you can buy our basketball picks right here. As is standard here at maddux sports, each package must show a profit or equal time is awarded free of charge. Picks are emailed within 10 minutes of purchase to the email address specified upon signup. Any questions or problems you may contact us by email or toll free anytime!


  • Daily packages are guaranteed to show a profit or equal time is free of charge.
  • Season packages include March Madness Picks AND NBA Playoff picks.
  • Month packages run 30 days from purchase and are not guaranteed.
  • You can view the picks instantly after purchase by hitting the "view your picks now button" after making your payment.
  • You can pay with your credit card or debit card using Paypal or Clickbank.
Package & Price
2023-24 Full Season NBA & College Hoops Picks
Price: $999     Sale Price: $749
1 Month Basketball Picks
Price: $399     Sale Price: $299
Todays Basketball Picks
Price: $39     Sale Price: $29
Package & Price
2023-24 Full Season NBA & College Hoops Picks
Price: $999     Sale Price: $749
1 Month Basketball Picks
Price: $399     Sale Price: $299
Todays Basketball Picks
Price: $39     Sale Price: $29



For the NBA and college basketball we rate our picks 10 or 20 units. 98% of the basketball picks we release to clients are rated 10 unit plays, with the rare 20 unit pick every week or so. Over the last 4 years we have averaged about 396 units of profit earned per season, which would break down to 39.6 units of profit based on a 1 unit scale. Compare those numbers on a 1 unit scale to other NBA/College hoops handicappers and I guarantee you will find very few if any better than us.

Using those numbers from above a $10 unit bettor averages about a $100 bet per game, a $50 unit bettor averages about a $500 bet per game, and a $100 unit bettor averages about a $1000 bet per game. Once again these are profits earned PER season, not overall and the numbers include the bookmakers juice.

In basketball we release on average around 3 picks daily depending on how many NBA and college basketball games are scheduled. Obviously once the college hoops season is over and the NBA playoffs are winding down there are not going to be 3 picks each day. Just as when there are close to 100 college basketball games posted on a Saturday and the majority of the NBA teams are in action there is a very good chance we could release at least 5 hoops picks to our members.

For our NBA picks we release both sides (against the betting line) and totals daily. All of the picks are against the full game lines and totals so you are not going to see our record inflated by playing stuff that is easier to beat with lower limits like player props, quarter bets, or team totals. While those exotic type bets are easier to beat than full game lines we take pride in beating the bookmaker on bets where our players can get down substantial amounts on widely available stuff.

The bottom line is the NBA is tough to beat for even the best handicappers on daily basis. For the non professionals it is almost impossible to turn a profit at seasons end. From our contacts throughout the sports betting industry the only guys beating NBA basketball these days are handicappers that have advanced math models or get injury information before it becomes public. Luckily for you we are one of the few pro basketball handicapping teams that has access to both and does win betting the NBA.

We have every box score and betting line and total stored in our database going back to the 1990-91 basketball season. Off this database we have created a math model based on individual player projections adjusted for the predicted pace of the game which is more accurate than the current bookmakers NBA betting line. We also collaborate with other winning sports bettors to get injury information that isn't widely known to the public. This is how we win and why our clients continue to say Maddux Sports is the best NBA handicapper in the world.

Even if you dont' choose Maddux Sports to be your basketball handicapper, don't fall for other websites offering 70% winners, inside information, and can't lose "locks". These are all things that scammers use to try and scam the uneducated public out of their hard earned dollar. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

This season don't fall for other handicappers false claims, use one of the most respected names in the business, one of the few that actually wins long term for its clients, Maddux Sport.


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Listed to the right is some additional NBA betting information Maddux Sports has to offer. Bookmark our site as more NBA basketball betting info arrives daily. Click on any of the links to the right learn more about handicapping, odds, gambling, and NBA wagering in general.

The 2 most popular pages in the NBA basketball betting section include the NBA Odds page where you can compare daily NBA game point spreads including moneylines and totals for the entire National Basketball League schedule.

Our NBA picks page features info on the world famous NBA handicapping team at Maddux Sports. You can get signed up for our winning NBA sports picks as well as see the profits on average our clients accumulate following our expert predictions throughout the hoops season.

  • 20 Time Ultimate Handicapping Champion.
  • Well Respected Name in the Industry.
  • One of the few services that actually wins for their clients.
  • Highest Client Renewal Rate In the Industry.
  • Our Handicappers Bet The Same Games They Give Out.

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